How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected | What’s The Solution?

How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected?

We all suffer from ‘no internet access but connected’ issues on daily basis, where you are connected to the WiFi but, still have no access to internet connection or are unable to utilize the internet on their connected devices. No need to worry, we are here for you. Let’s decode this error together.

This issue shows that your desktop or phone is eligible to the connector is connected to the source of the network but there is no network. It is a mind-twisting and irritating period of time when you are in connection with the WiFi but get no internet. During the past years, many have tried and are still trying to find out a subtle and accurate solution for this error, but unfortunately, couldn’t find any because of numerous causes of this error.

Having no precise solution doesn’t mean that this issue cannot be fixed, there are multiple measures that one can take in order to prevent this issue from occurring. In most situations, it happens because of the settings of your OS or the router, and in many of the moments, the causes are also different.

Let’s give the different measures a try to resolve the issue of no internet access but connected issue. Here are some factors that you can keep checking on when you have a connection but no internet access.

What Is No Internet Access But Connected?

How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected

On Windows, you will be able to identify the error with no access icon as an indication of the globe or with a cancel sign on the WiFi symbol of your desktop or phone.

You may receive a text saying “No Internet Access But Connected” or “WiFi Connected But No Internet”. Initiate with checking if only your device is suffering or there is more than one going through the same issue. If other devices are going through the same, the reason for the error might be one of the following :

  1. Cordless Network Issue.
  2. Error in your Modem or Router.
  3. ISP must be down.

If only one device is facing the issue, the cause must be :

  1. Incorrect DNS server configured.
  2. Error is caused by Antivirus or Firewall.
  3. Corrupted Cache of DNS.
  4. Wireless Adaptor Related issue.

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What Are The Causes Of No Internet Access But Connected?

How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected

This issue is recognized by a small-sized warning in yellow color with an exclamation mark of black color-popping on Windows desktops or Androids and iPhones. There are chances that you might get an encounter with one of the following error texts:

  1. No internet access but connected.
  2. WiFi connected but no internet.
  3. No internet connection.
  4. WiFi has no internet connection.

If you are receiving this, then, it means that your device is in connection with the local network (i.e, Modem or Router) but some sort of error is blocking the access to the internet. 

The most common causes of no internet access but connected issues are:

  1. Internet Service provider is down.
  2. Fault is in your desktop’s WiFi adapter.
  3. Security Software is preventing access.
  4. Incorrect Internet Protocol address (IP) of your desktop.
  5. Wrong configuration of DNS Server settings of your desktop.
  6. Your cordless drivers are outdated.
  7. Fault is in your router.
  8. Corrupted DNS Cache of your desktop.
  9. Outdated wireless mode on your computer.

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How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected?

Here are the possible fixes to your disconnecting internet error. See which one works for you the best:

1. Cross Check Your Router

To check the faultiness of your router, connect other devices with that same source and see if it’s working or not. If other devices are working properly, then the issue is in your device only, which might be WiFi Adapter. 

To fix this, try restarting the Router. It will clear all the caches and shoot out many other network software problems. And Restart both if you have Modem and Router separately. 

  1. Switch off the both.
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes.
  3. Switch on the Modem and turn on the Router another moment.
  4. Wait for a couple of moments and recheck.

And you are done here! Multiple issues will be fixed at once.

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2. Device Functioning Somewhere Else

How To Fix No Internet Access But Connected

If your device performs smoothly at your home and college, but not in the office or any other particular area, then consider that place as a low network area and unfit for your device’s network functioning. 

The cause might be DNS. Do follow the guide to resolve this issue :

  1. Click Windows key + R.
  2. Insert IP configuration and click Enter.
  3. Check the internet access again.

And here we cleared all the DNS Cache which then deleted all the unknown DNS addresses.

3. Fix A DNS Address Permanently

Most of the errors are associated with the DNS Server only.

If clearing DNS Cache is not working, then go for a static DNS server. Usually, while connecting to a local network, you will receive a recommendation by your Router to choose which DNS server. Fixing a DNS server to be static and stable makes the computer stick to that same server every time.

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4. Forget And Reconnect Your WiFi

Forget And Reconnect Your WiFi

Reset the wireless connection which is causing the error on your device. Forget the local network connection and Reconnect, ensure that the device’s network settings are up to date.

  1. Open Wireless connections on your device.
  2. Click on WiFi network name.
  3. Click on Forget and make it Confirm.
  4. Click on the name in the list of WiFi and Reconnect.

5. Network Settings

Resetting the Network Settings will result in losing the passwords saved on your device. So, ensure that the device is the only one who is getting troubled because of this error.

To fix this, 

  1. Enter Settings.
  2. Tap on General followed by Reset.
  3. Next, click on Reset Network Settings.

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Wrapping Up

WiFi network issues have become a common, frustrating, and trouble-making issue nowadays. This error occurs due to a number of reasons, so it will be better to perform more than one measure to recognize the cause and resolve it. You can follow the above-given tips and tricks to fix no internet access but connected issues. These issues are effective and trustworthy.


Q1. What Mainly Causes The No Internet Access But Connected Issue?

Ans. There are a number of causes but the most common one is the Faulty DNS Server.

Q2. How Can One Fix The No Internet Access But Connected Issue?

Ans. As mentioned above there are different fixes for different causes of the same issue, so it’s better to perform all, one by one. For more details, refer to the above-given post.

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