How To Get Rid Of Storage On Google Drive? Easy Ways 2023!

How To Get Rid Of Storage On Google Drive

If you are running low on storage on Google Drive then having a two minute read of how to get rid of storage on Google Drive can solve all your storage related problems.

If your Drive storage is linked to your Gmail and Google Photos account then it’s obvious that there might be no space left as all of the 15GB storage usually gets consumed in media files only! If you want to tackle this situation then we would recommend you to learn how to get rid of storage on Google Drive and make some space in your drive and let it breathe!!

To get rid of storage on Google Drive: Google Drive > Menu > Drive App > Storage > View Details > Browser > > Select Files > Delete > Delete Permanently and done!!

This article is accountable for making the readers learn and understand the process of how to get rid of storage on Google Drive and also helps with how to clear Google Photos to make space in their device. If you are interested in learning the same, then most welcome!!

How To Get Rid Of Storage On Google Drive? 

Many are dependent on Cloud storage so that they can save crucial documents and files. Google offers you 15GB of free storage in Google Drive and you get into the trap when you think that 15GB is too much!! It isn’t bro, it isn’t. The 15GB storage is not only for the documents that you upload on Drive but also for Google Photos and Gmail. All the messages and files attached to the emails received or sent through your Gmail account including all the pictures that you upload in its original size on Google Photos take the same space, in 15GB. 

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Based on what you use the 15GB for, you can end up consuming all of the space instantly after which you won’t be able to get mail. Once you cross the limit of 15 GB storage, you get two options. Either buy Google’s Premium plans or get rid of storage on Google Drive. Mostly people don’t prefer buying premium for their personal reasons. If you are also one of them, then make use of this guide and learn how to get rid of storage on Google Drive!!

Follow the given instructions to achieve the same in just a couple of minutes: 

Google Drive > Menu > Drive App > Storage > View Details > Browser > > Select Files > Delete > Delete Permanently

NOTE: Before clearing any storage out, you need to check what and how much portion of 15 GB is covered by what! And for that, you need to navigate through, where you will find a graphical representation of stuff like Drive, Gmail and Google Photos consuming your storage. Here you need to decide what to clear and what to keep! 

Step 01: Launch the Google Drive app on your mobile device and tap on the Menu.

Step 02: From the menu, scroll down a bit and then click on the Storage section.

Step 03: Under Storage, you need to find the View Details option to view the used space (See, if most of the space is covered by Drive, then the next step will help you in clearing Drive storage).

Step 04: Launch the browser and enter and launch the page.

Step 05: From there, access the list of all the files saved on the Drive. Select all the files that you wish to delete from your device.

Step 06: After selecting, click on the trash icon symbolizing Delete. And done!!

There you go with fresh and newly available space in your device. Post deletion of this stuff, these will start appearing in your Google Drive account in the next 24 hours. 

How To Clear Gmail And Google Photos Storage?

How To Get Rid Of Storage On Google Drive?

If Google Photos or Gmail are the two major factors that are taking most of your Drive, then you need to clear them separately! In the case of Google Photos, we would suggest you convert all your photos and video from their original quality to high quality for endless storage space in your Photos app. Also, head to Settings under Google Photos and tap on Recover Storage in order to gain the space back again which was consumed by the current uploads.

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So, to clear Gmail storage, you need to enter “has: attachment larger:10M” in the search bar and tap on the lens icon after that. Next, you will view all the email with attachments of more than 10MB. You can either switch the digit according to your preference to find the even bigger attachments in the email and clear them up one by one. Also, make sure you are keepings things clear in the Trash folder also. 

And with that, our guide on how to get rid of storage on Google Drive ends!! To find such more hacks on Google Drive and storage issues, refer to the below-linked articles!!

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Wrapping Up

If your Google Drive is blasting out pictures and videos and other stuff then it’s the time for you to learn how to get rid of storage on Google Drive and get rid of all the excess shitt lying for no reason in your Drive. This article helps you in figuring out what is taking most space in your device and how to get rid of unwanted and least accessed media files. If you don’t want to buy Google Drive premium then this is the best way to make space in your device and store more stuff in the same storage.

If you found this article useful, then let us know in the comments section below. You can also express your other concerns and suggestions if you have any!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is My Google Drive Storage So High?

If you get a number of emails with huge files attached, then they might be the reason behind the clogging of your Google Drive. To get rid of Google Drive storage, launch your Gmail account and delete all the emails which you don’t need anymore!

Q. How Do I Get 100GB Free Space On Google Drive?

When you buy a Chromebook you get 100GB of free Google Drive storage by default which can be used for 1 year straight. The storage won’t be allocated after buying the Chromebook.

Q. Why Is My Storage Still Full After Deleting Google Drive?

After deleting all the files from Google Drive, they are not removed from your device permanently. These are transferred to the Trash or Bin folder where they are kept for a minimum 60 days or until you clear them yourself. So, if Google Drive is overloading even after deleting pictures then you can try clearing the bin to make some extra storage.

Q. What Happens If I Clear Storage On Google Drive?

If you are lacking in Google Drive storage: You won’t be able to sync or upload new files. You can’t create fresh files in the Google Docs, Sheets, Slides etc. Nor you or anyone else can edit the pre-existing files.

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