How To Join Rossgram Channel On VKontakte | Get Brand New Updates

How To Join Rossgram Channel On VKontakte | The Brand New

Russians are celebrating. Let’s join their celebration. Cheers! But wait! Why are we celebrating? We haven’t got access yet! But no issues! You can still get updates regarding the app. How? Its simple! Just join the VKontake’s Rossgram Channel. Here is a post on how to join Rossgram channel on VKontakte for future updates.

Rossgram has partially launched. The public are joining their VKontakte channel as of now. You should also know how to join it so as get access to at least a part of the platform.

Learning how to join Rossgram channel on VKontakte is essential. Well, Why not? After all, it’s a new platform, the first comers will get the higher priority and will get the benefits also.

We guess, till now we’ve convinced you successfully how important it is to learn how to join the channel for a Russian and all possible users. If we made ourselves clear, then let’s proceed with the main dessert.

What Is VKontakte?

What is VKontakte?

VKontakte, popularly known as VK, is a Russian social media platform and company whose site is owned by a Russian Titan. 

As a Russian brand, it follows Russian laws and it’s important to remember because the law surrounds IP and copyright in the country. You will observe a similar interface to Facebook here. Whichale Account Creation a lot easier. Wanna know? You just have to enter your data like name, phone number and password and wait for OTP, once received, tada! You’re done. You can use your Facebook account instead of your phone number if you want to.

You can then decorate your account however you want and let your new social circle know what you want them to know. 

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How To Join Rossgram Channel On VKontakte?

How To Join Rossgram Channel On VKontakte

The public who haven’t got the access yet are provided with the options of Pre-registration on the official website of Rossgram, Sign-up on Rossgram’s Telegram and VKontakte channels.

In this piece, let’s learn how to join Rossgram channel on VKontakte. Dive into the matter:

  1. Open the Browser on your device, be it Android or iOS.
  2. Search for the Official Website of Rossgram and click on it.
  3. Scroll down till you find a rectangular Pre-registration form, go there and scroll till bottom until you observe logos of VKontakte and Telegram.
  4. Click on the VKontakte Logo, it’ll lead you to a page where at the bottom of the page you will see a pop-up asking if you’re interested in checking out more content, then you can Open In App and Sign-Up, ignore that.
  5. Next, find a bar at the top of the page saying “Please Sign-in to start following this community“, click on it.
  6. You’ll be directed to the VKontakte page, enter your Phone Number and Email with your Password.
  7. If you’re new to the platform then you can sign-up for VK.

You’ve successfully learnt how to join Rossgram channel on VKontakte. Wallah!

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How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

How To Use Rossgram Outside Russia

Rossgram was designed, developed and launched by Russia as a rival to Instagram, which is a reason for the restriction of accessibility of Rossgram outside the country. Because it’s Russia’s social media.

But what about Russians outside Russia? We can’t let them watch, wait and drool right! So, we found a way to make use of Rossgram outside the country too. Wanna know how? Read on.

It’s possible through utilizing VPN. Yes, one can download and use Rossgram outside the country through a VPN. 

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Best VPN To Install Rossgram 

Best VPN To Install Rossgram

Seeking for best VPNs to use Rossgram? Here we’ll be unveiling the collection of best VPNs for Rossgram so one can get access to Rossgram from any corner.

1. Surfshark 

  1. Provides the best budget. 
  2. Protect with powerful security and privacy protections including physical security in Russia.
  3. It has no connection limit.

2. NordVPN

  1. Best among all of the VPNs for the country.
  2. Huge network of fast servers.
  3. Best-in-class security and privacy features.
  4. Money back in 30-day guarantee.

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3. CyberGhost

  1. Feasible for beginners.
  2. One of the quickest servers for downloading and streaming.
  3. Easy to set up.

4. ExpressVPN

  1. Huge network of servers.
  2. Better speed.
  3. Works with all popular streaming services.
  4. Solid security and privacy.

5. IPVanish

  1. Prefered by Fire TV Stick and Kodi users.
  2. Good speed and good security features.

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Wrapping Up

Rossgram is a new platform launched by Russia for the public to complete the emptiness created after the ban on Instagram. Rossgram has properly proved itself once again here. But now, the only wait is for the complete launch of Rossgram in April, but till then pre-registrations like facilities are available on Rossgram.


Q1. How Can One Register On Rossgram?

Ans. After launch, Rossgram is allowing the public to register on Rossgram’s official website, Telegram channel and VKontakte channel.

Here’s how you can sign up :

Official website >VKontakte Logo >Sign in >Fill in Data >Log in 

Q2. Will One Be Able To Post On Rossgram’s VKontakte Channel?

Ans. Unfortunately not. Until the complete launch of Rossgram for the entire public, the sign-up procedure will only allow you to follow their page on VKontakte platform.

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