How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia? Is It Possible?

Russia’s awaited application Rossgram has finally been launched. Yes, you heard that right. You can now install Rossgram on your devices from the AppStore. Since the application has been designed for Russian users, then how to install Rossgram outside Russia?

Recently, Russia announced that Instagram would be banned in their country and that Russian citizens will be provided another application called Rossgram that will be the clone of Instagram. They banned Instagram and have finally released their domestic social media application for Russians only. 

Whether or not Rossgram overtakes Instagram will be known in some time when people will use this new application and compare it with the long-existing Instagram. Then, only we can reach a conclusion, which one is better based on their own experience. 

Now the thing is, this Russian application is for Russian users, then what about those outside Russia? How will they use this platform and experience its features? Are you also wondering the same? Don’t worry, this post will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. Just keep reading for how to install Rossgram outside Russia. 

Can You Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

A lot of non-Russians are curious about whether they can use Rossgram or not in their country. But, let us clear this to you that you can install and use Rossgram outside Russia, then no matter if you are in America, Australia, Great Britain, the UK, or elsewhere. All that is needed is an internet connection to access Rossgram. 

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How To Download Rossgram Outside Russia?

Before jumping on how to install Rossgram outside Russia, have a look at how to download the app to your devices.

If you are not in Russia and wish to download Rossgram to your device, then there is no problem. You can even download Rossgram in the US, the UK, Australia, Great Britain, or wherever you wish. You just have to follow the given steps. 

  1. Go to the AppStore on your device, whether it is an android or an iOS.
  2. Now type “Rossgram” in the search bar present at the top of your screen. 
  3. A list of applications will appear. Out of them, tap on the Rossgram application. Since it is a Russian app, so the name of the app will also appear in the Russian language. Click on the app whose name appears as “Россграм”
  4. Now tap on the “Install” button. 

Wait for a moment and the application will be installed on your device. 

Remember one thing, Rossgram is currently not accessible to all the users. So you will not find an option to sign up for Rossgram or register for it. Rossgram will be launched for all the users in April 2022, only after that, you can create your own account on this application. Till then, you can simply keep the app installed on your device. And you can also get yourself registered to Rossgram so that you do not have to wait longer after Rossgram is launched.

How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

If you want to use Rossgram in the US, the UK, or whichever country you reside in, you do not have to worry that being a non-Russian will stop you from having access to Rossgram.

We are here to help you with the steps that you will need to follow if you wish to use Rossgram outside Russia. Although the process is legally not acceptable, we can’t let you go disappointed. So, let us move forward to the steps on how to install Rossgram outside Russia. 

1. Download The Google Translate Extension For Your Desktop

How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

If you want to use Rossgram outside Russia and you do not know the Russian language, then you will first need to download the browser extension of the Google translation tool so that you can translate Russian to English and understand whatever has been written on their site. 

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2. Install A Russian VPN 

Just like Russia banned Instagram, there are chances that the US and other few countries might ban Rossgram in their countries. If this happens, then you will need to install Rossgram on your device. So while choosing the VPN, you need to make sure that the VPN changes your geolocation to Russia or any other country where Rossgram is accessible. You will find different VPN applications on your AppStore. Follow these steps to link to the VPN:

1. Open the AppStore/Google Play Store on your device. 

2. Search for the VPN that is best suited for you. 

3. Install the VPN on your device. 

4. Open the VPN app and choose a Russian location and start running it. 

Note*- If Rossgram is supported in your country then you will not need to follow this step. There will be no need to install and set up a VPN on your device. 

3. Go To The Rossgram Website.

How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

Now you have to open Rosssgram’s official website on your browser. 

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4. Apply Google Translator

Since everything would appear in the Russian language on the Rossgram website, if you do not know the language you will have to get it translated into English.

Once you open the Rossgram website you will find the Puzzle icon in the tab. Click on it. All the extensions added to your browser will appear. You have to click on the Google Translator Tool. Then click on “Translate the page”. The page of your website will be translated to English right then.

Now, you can read and understand everything that is on the website. 

5. Enter The Details And Register

How To Install Rossgram Outside Russia?

On the right side of the screen, you will see a column for adding your details. Enter your name and phone number. Select your role as a user or top blogger. Tick mark on the reCAPTCHA option. Now click on the “I Want To Be The First To Know”. A dialogue box will appear on your screen just then, mentioning that your application has been sent and you will be sent an email a few days before the launch of the application. 

Now, you have pre-registered for Rossgram. Currently, Rossgram is not available for common users. In April, when Rossgram will be launched for everyone, then you will receive a notification regarding the same if you have registered to it already and then you will be able to use Rossgram outside Russia. 

*Note:- You can download the Rossgram application on your device from the respective AppStore, but you will only find the general details about the application there and no option to register for it. You can keep the Rossgram application on your device but in order to register for Rossgram, you will need to go to the official website of Rossgram.*

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to install Rossgram outside Russia.

We hope you understood the steps that you need to follow on how to install Rossgram outside Russia as soon as it is available for users other than media, sponsors, and investors. There is a lot more information that we have provided on our website. Visit our Social Media Section to get more social updates!


Q. How To Download The Rossgram App On iPhone?

You can download the Rossgram application on your iPhone from the AppStore and install it on your device. For the time being, Rossgram will not work for common users, if you are not a blogger or sponsor then you will need to wait till April for using Rossgram.

Q. Can Anyone Use Rossgram?

Presently, Rossgram is accessible only to media, investors, sponsors, and bloggers. In the month of April, Rossgram will be made available for all users. Till then, you can pre-register for Rossgram, by visiting their website. 

Q. Is Rosssgram Same As Instagram?

Most of Rossgram’s features along with its layout resemble Instagram. It has been inferred that Rossgram will work just like Instagram does. However, a few extra features like crowdfunding and paid access to some content will be introduced in Russia’s Rossgram.

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