Why Is Someone’s Snap Score Not Updating? Latest Fixes 2023!

Why Is Someone's Snap Score Not Updating?

Worried why your Snapchat friend’s snap score isn’t visible to you? Well there can be many reasons! Find out all of them in this article today on why is someone’s snap score not updating? 

If you are noticing that your friend’s snap score isn’t changing or increasing lately then we have something that you should be aware of. If you want to know why is someone’s snap score not updating then it’s the right place to be! A lot of you have been reporting the same issue lately which made us publish this one article to resolve all of your issues at once!

Here’s why is someone’s snap score not updating: In-app glitch, you’ve been blocked, the person might not have added you back or the score has not been updated yet! To know what you can do to prevent this from happening and confirm situations like have been blocked follow the given guidelines below!

In this article, we will be exploring why is someone’s snap score not updating and what you can do to resolve this issue in detail. If this is something of your interest, then keep reading!!

Why Is Someone’s Snap Score Not Updating?

If you have been stalking someone on Snapchat lately and observed that their snap score isn’t changing at all, not even increasing! Then that’s something that can annoy you pretty well. As this glitch is affecting a lot of Snapchat users, we had to crack it for the sake of you all!

As we all know that there is a marathon in the snap score digits, the higher you have the longer you have been in the race! So, to show off their score digits many keep balancing their scores on Snapchat so that whenever someone visits their account they may realize that you are a pro player!

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But sometimes the snap score does not appear on your profile page due to loading issues and others. It’s pretty difficult to examine and find out the exact reason why is someone’s snap score not updating. As there are many different reasons for the disappearance of the snap score from your Snapchat profile. So let’s solve the problem before it arises and someone’s snap score is not updated! Keep reading to know why is someone’s snap score not updating: 

  1. There might be some in-app glitch like loading issues, screen freeze on profile etc.
  2. You might be using outdated or bugged versions of the application.
  3. Scores might not be updated from the team’s end. Sometimes it may take weeks to get updated. 
  4. The user whose snap score isn’t changing or appearing at all must have not added you back as a friend on Snapchat. 
  5. The user might have blocked you on Snapchat which made the snap score disappear.

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Also, Snapchat sends you a notification when any user on the app as soon as they remove you as their friends on Snapchat. If the snap score isn’t updating then reason can be the above following and if it does not even appear then definitely that user has blocked you!

How To Fix Snap Score Not Updating? 

Why Is Someone's Snap Score Not Updating?

For instance, you are stalking someone on Snapchat and you can’t find their snap score, no matter what, neither you are blocked or removed! Then what should you do? Well here are a few solutions that you can try to fix snap score not updating.  

Most of the time snap score does not update because the Snapchat analyse and track score timely – it just has not updated the latest score yet! Fortunately, these solutions will make Snapchat update everyone’s snap score on time. 

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Here are the measures that you need to take for fixing snap score not updating:

Fix 01. Force Quit The App And Relaunch

Why Is Someone's Snap Score Not Updating?

A few of the times, all one needs to do is shut the app for a couple of minutes and kit it rest and load! Once you force quit the app in mid-function, allow it to set for a minute or two and then relaunch the app. 

By doing this you will be forcing the app to load every data once again and will be fixing minor errors like snap score not updating. However it’s a perfect fix but if the problem still persists then hop to the next!

Fix 02. Wait For At Least A Week

This one might not be the ideal solution as it takes too much time to complete but it works almost every time! Consider no matter what, your or someone’s snap score isn’t appearing or not updating. You can allow a week to settle it itself as it may be the official Snapchat team behind it who is tracking your score and taking time in updating it. 

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Knowing that this process is not annoying as you won’t be able to know why is someone’s snap score not updating properly but will be forced to update the scores after this period of time!

Fix 03. Update Snapchat

Why Is Someone's Snap Score Not Updating?

You must not be aware that the Snapchat caches a bundle of files is making the performance of Snapchat on your device slow! Snapchat must have downloaded a set of files that aid to boost the app up. Instead of installing each of the files every time you find them while accessing the app, these themselves get saved to your device. 

By deleting all the caches and cookies, you will be forcing Snapchat to download the latest version of itself. In a few cases, this has not only made the snap scores appear and update but also made them increase. 

Fix 04. Clear Snapchat Cache

Why Is Someone's Snap Score Not Updating?

One must always look for updates if they are available or not in case of experiencing such bugs and glitches causing why is someone’s snap score not updating.

Snapchat launches updates simultaneously. Moreover, they also bring updates that usually fix errors and bring new features for better performance. If this occurs then consider that Snapchat is looking into it and might have already launched an update in order to fix it! 

For updating Snapchat you can head to your device’s App Store or Play Store and look for Snapchat in the Update section. 

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Here’s how you can clear cache to fix snap score not updating on Snapchat:

Launch Snapchat > Bitmoji > Profile > Settings > Account Actions > Clear Cache > Clear 

Step 01: Launch the Snapchat application on your Android or iPhone device.

Step 02: Tap on your Bitmoji at the top left of the home screen of the app to reach your Snapchat profile.

Step 03: Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 04: Scroll downwards and find Account Actions. Under this, click on the Clear Cache button. 

Step 05: Once the pop-up appears, tap on the Clear Cache button and wait a couple of seconds for the app to restart. 

Once you complete these steps, your snap score must pop-up back again on your profile

Wrapping Up

If you are a Snapchatter then you must be aware of the obsession of users with their snap scores. But in a few cases, the Snapchat scores are not appearing in many of the accounts or are not updating for a long time! Unfortunately, there is no exact reason why this occurs. Instead there are a bunch of parameters that can tell why is someone’s snap score not updating. Either you have been removed from their friend list which is causing the disappearance of the snap score or you might have been blocked!

Other than this, sometimes Snapchat is itself responsible for why is someone’s snap score not updating. For such cases, we have given a few of the solutions that can fix why snap score not updating on Snapchat. Try out all of them and find out and resolve snap score not updating.

Let us know your experience in the comment section below! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Snap Score Updates Be Delayed?

The Snapchat team sometimes analyse and track ones activity online and on basis of that they update their snap scores. Sometimes this gets delayed from the official team’s end only! It may take upto a week or more to update the scores usually!

Q. How Long Does It Take For Someone’s Else Snap Score To Update?

Snap score refreshes every time a user sends or receives a Snap. One can observe their scores instantly after sending or receiving snaps.

Q. Can Someone Freeze Their Snap Score?

One can freeze their snap score just by keeping their Snapchat app open. It only updates scores when the app is shut down.

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