YouTube TV Vs Sling | Who Will Win The Brawl Battle?

YouTube TV Vs Sling

So are you too done with Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Netflix and want to disconnect the TV cable to save some savings but also wish to spice up your binge-watching sessions with live TV channels i.e, TNT, ESPN, and CNN. In this case, Sling and YouTube TVs are your true options. But which is the best between the two? Let’s do a YouTube TV Vs Sling session and explore which is the best option between them.

These two live TV streaming services come out to be the best in a test conducted to examine the best service providers. Both channels hold CNET’s Choice award and both provide almost the same service, i.e: run a number of channels live to your Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV streamer, or Roku, so that you may dump the cable services at the first attempt. 

YouTube is the best among the two in terms of money. It comes with an excellent cloud DVR and a variety of channels. But, bad luck is that it comes for $50 per month. Here, Sling TV cracks the deal by being under budget, which is $30 per month. But again with half of the number of channels and a basic cloud DVR.  There are a dozen more differences that we will be cracking today in this post of “YouTube TV Vs. Sling”.

So, among the best two, how will you pick the best one? How will you make your choice? On what basis? Let us help you with this confusion. We will be doing a YouTube TV Vs Sling comparison session, where we will be comparing YouTube TV vs Sling TV. Sounds great right!

What Are YouTube TV And Sling TV?

What Are - YouTube TV And Sling TV?

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a number one quality channel variety, easy-to-utilize interface, and A-one cloud DVR. YouTube TV is the best live streaming service provider to pick when you are looking for a cable exchange. It might not include all the channels of your choice, like HBO are not there, but no matter what, it is still the number one standard of live TV streaming.

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Sling TV

If you are low on budget and want to save some money and less number or variety of channels doesn’t bother you, then Sling TV (especially the Sling Blue Package) is the best for you. It is not as beneficial or easy to operate as YouTube TV but with a little manpower and some tools, it becomes an unbeatable service.

YouTube Vs Sling TV: Which Is More Affordable?

Which Is More Affordable - YouTube Or Sling TV?

Sling TV

This one provides three different packages :

  1. Blue = $30
  2. Orange = $30
  3. Orange and Blue = $45

Sling TV is a bit cheap at the start but keeps increasing as you start customizing it. It charges $5 extra for an entire month for the sake of a DVR, for instance, to add sports and kids, Comedy packages, it will charge $5 extra, which will include a few extra channels, i.e: NBA TV, TV Land, and Disney Junior, etc.

The value of the discount that one receives in the first-month values nothing: Blue or Orange for $5, either you can get Orange & Blue for $20.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is worth $50 and does not give any additional package. However, it includes a bunch of single-channel add-ons involving EPIX and Showtime. This single-price offer makes the choice difficult and a bit subtle.

YouTube TV Vs Sling: Yay Or Nay?

YouTube TV Vs Sling - Yay Or Nay?

Let’s get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of Sling TV and YouTube TV :

YouTube TV100+ channelsHigher price
Unlimited Cloud DVR
Sling TVA number of sports packagesFewer channels 
Low prices

The main reason for Sling TV’s being sold is because of its affordability. No doubt you will have fewer channels, other than Philo, there are no other streaming services.

YouTube provides a number of channels and gives never-ending cloud DVR storage to view movies live when you are unable to save them for later. It has the number one DVR – other services display or tell to delete whatever we have we have or we had after 28 days.

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YouTube TV Vs Sling TV: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better - YouTube TV or Sling TV?

Sling TV provides a decent package at an affordable amount, flexibility is added by their additional packages. Even its most expensive package is cheaper than that of YouTube TV.

If you wish for a variety of numbers, involving premiums, locals, and unlimited DVR recording, YouTube TV is the good-to-go option. Anyways, YouTube TV has won Editor’s Choice Award in 2021.

Obviously, owing YouTube’s premium ad-free package is not actually applicable to Live Youtube TV channels. Those advertisements cannot be ignored without the DVR. Anyways, the unlimited DVR allows you to download anything and everything you want without commercials. Sometimes a few unskippable ads may appear in between the show. In the end, YouTube TV definitely satisfies our soles with the perfect shoe size.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for YouTube TV vs Sling.

A 50-hour examination was conducted by the experts on the reliability and functionality of YouTube and Sling TV.

Next, we compared quality, facility, and affordability along with the research and their channel lineups, hidden charges, and subscription model. YouTube TV wins the day but it has more premium options just like its number of channels along with unlimited cloud DVR. And if you don’t want all those additional channels or DVR space, then Sling TV is the best option.


Q1. How Much Does A YouTube TV Cost?

Ans. Currently, it’s worth $64.99 per month. 

Q2. What Is YouTube TV’s Related Content?

Ans. These are the contents which were recommended to you based on your choice. 

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