How Many Videos Are On YouTube | What’re The Numbers

How Many Videos Are On YouTube | Know The Numbers

So peeps! Do you know how many videos are on YouTube or do you belong to the Paleolithic period? Chill, if not, then what are we for! We will help you find out how many videos are on YouTube along with what categories and revenue it’s generating.

Can we consider that you’re familiar with the popularity of YouTube? If not then let’s revise! For promoting and sharing videos there’s no other option in the market like YouTube. For the first time in history, that platform has become shed too many unemployed. Now, we guess you might be eager to see how many videos are on YouTube. Aren’t you? 

Not only the platform but the marketing domains have also shuffled positions. Video marketing is taking over the content marketing industry in today’s time. YouTube, the video-sharing stage and the second largest search engine has observed a growth rate of 4.9% in 2021. Now, tell us that you are still not interested in knowing how many videos are on YouTube. You’re right? That’s like a good reader! Go on now, keep reading.

So, when you’re finally into it, let us give you a gist of the perks of knowing how many videos are on the platform. You will get the statistics of YouTube, one of the most popular platforms through which you analyze and can create your channel, which will be the easiest source of income! Are you getting it? Yeah, we know it’s amazing. Get into the content then!

How Many Videos Are On YouTube? Explore!

How Many Videos Are On YouTube? Explore!

First of all, cheers! That our YouTube is now 15 years old. The visual social media stage has gotten better and faster with the passing of these years and if we look forward, we don’t see any going back to YouTube.

This platform lets it gather a larger database of consumers of YouTube and content of the same. Although our motto of this post is to tell you how many videos are on YouTube. But as always we’ll be adding a cherry to the pie by sharing crucial data in the end. Go and explore yourself! 

You need to follow the stats, facts, and information if you intend to create your own video content empire on YouTube.

So, according to 2022 data, YouTube has conducted 684 hours of videos, which means 800 million videos from 37 million channels on the platform. 1 billion videos are being watched each day on YouTube by its more than 2 billion users. 122 million is the daily active user count of YouTube and 19 minutes is the average watch-time of users.

According to 2021 stats, YouTube is the world’s second most visited (14 billion monthly visits) site. Google is still at first! 

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How Many Popular Videos Are  On YouTube?

How Many Popular Videos Are  On YouTube?

These are the particular popular videos on YouTube that are featured and promoted by the stage too. The categories of most popular videos are listed here, have a look : 

  1. Commentaries Video: Users share their thoughts and opinions on an event or topic.
  2. Product Reviews: Comprehensive assessment of after-effects and quality of any product/s.
  3. Tutorials: How-to videos like cooking, crafting, etc.
  4. Top Lists: Creators promote the top best things of a particular product.
  5. Comedy: Videos of comedians entertaining users and cracking jokes for them.
  6. Music Video: Videos of music of all types, genres, and eras.
  7. Gaming: YouTube videos provide insights into gameplay for popular games.
  8. Others: Narratives, sports, education, challenges, interviews, ASMR, etc.

Consider these types of videos as your content for your future YouTube channel.

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How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube?

How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube?

Because of being one of the popular videos streamed on YouTube, we’ll be briefing about gaming videos too.

100B + hours of gaming videos were watched by the users on the platform in 2020. The reality is that gaming videos are the most trending videos on YouTube. By the end of 2022, 2.9B (approx.) users are expected to watch gaming videos on YouTube.

According to data gathered from January 2022, the most ranked gaming channel managed by a trio, named Luis Fernando, Flores Alvarado, and aka Fernanfloo successfully achieved 44.3M subscribers.

A Swedish YouTuber cum gamer PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg are the most followed player on the stage until recently post altering their channel’s category from gaming to entertainment.

These videos are not just films of users playing games, but also provide reviews of the game’s from gamers. Gaming content also includes live streaming, tournaments, and fundraising.

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How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube For Kids?

How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube For Kids

How can we neglect kids among the users! After all, they also contribute to the stats of the YouTube platform by being young and mini users. As we already know that there are more than 2B users on YouTube, but what is the percentage of kid YouTube users in that?  

A survey was conducted, where guardians of different kids were questioned about videos on YouTube and their kids (Kids that are below 11 years).

1% of them didn’t answer and said “they don’t know”, 19% replied no and 80% of them said yes!

Among the 80% of the guardians who agreed that their kids watch YouTube videos, 35% of them watch multiple times in a day, 31% a few times each week, 11%  every few weeks, and 5% less than often.

The data above shows that 89% of the guardians allow their 5-11-year-old kids to watch videos on YouTube.

There are multiple types in the numbers for children to binge on YouTube videos that resonate not only with the kid’s age, but parent’s age also along with other demographics.

If your kid also watches YouTube videos, then there are multiple videos particularly made for kids on YouTube where the content is totally kid-friendly.

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How Many Channels Are On YouTube?

How Many Channels Are On YouTube

Kid-friendly music videos were the most popular videos in the case of monthly views.

A popular music channel from India, T-Series got the top position with approx. 3.52 billion views and 206M subscribers on the channel and like this only POPS Kids held the position with 3.43B views. And another channel, YouTube Movies got the second position in terms of 147M subscribers.

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Top 10 Channels On YouTube Ranked By Revenue In 2020

Top 10 Channels On YouTube Ranked By Revenue In 2020 Include
  1. Ryan’s World: $29.5M
  2. Mr. Beast: $24M
  3. Dude Perfect: $23M
  4. Rhett and Link: $20M
  5. Markiplier: $19.5M
  6. Preston: $19M
  7. Like Nastya: $18.5M
  8. Bibi : $17M
  9. David Dobrik: $15.5M
  10. Jeffree Star: $15M

So, if the question “whether YouTube provides a source of income” hits your mind, remember this!

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Winding Up

The end result of the subject “how many videos are on YouTube” is that there are 800M+ videos on YouTube.

Just picture how this little application is managing such a huge pile of data with lagging, except for exceptions. For a minute we started feeling pity for the platform for this much load but after knowing the mechanism and stats  I feel like aha, this is what they’re popular for! Smooth functioning.

Along with how many videos are on YouTube, this post deals with the statistics on YouTube, popular types of videos, etc. We hope it was easy to digest! Drop your doubts in the comment box!


Q1. Who Is The CEO Of YouTube?

Ans. Susan Wojcicki is the rightful owner of YouTube. 

Q2. What’s The Net Worth Of The Most Popular YouTuber?

Ans. Jeffree Star is the current most popular Youtuber, and he holds a net worth of $200M.

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