YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live | Know What Is The Difference

YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live

The ratings of YouTube TV might be high, but Hulu may be the ideal for you. Here, we’ll be cutting cords between YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live, through which you can easily decide the best live TV option for your use.

Nowadays, the public has been drifting to watching more and more TV. Sports like EPL Soccer and March Madness are making it the best time to accept live TV streaming services. So let’s find out among YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live which one’s more suitable for your place.

Buying a premium subscription means Bye Bye to the cable TV cords! Premium subscriptions of YouTube TV and Hulu Live provide a huge number of channels. But is that it? What’s more? Know yourself from this battle of YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live.

Although YouTube TV is the best one because of its DVR and bunch of unique channels that are not provided by Hulu. But, you cannot judge and choose your streaming platform on the basis of this only, you will need more data and details. So, here is our YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live post, to fill you in. Enjoy!

Hulu Live- High On Demand

Hulu Live - High On Demand

Hulu’s power lies in their collection of channels with solid content on it. All in one package. Hulu has a massive number of channels including some crucial programming. Recently, its price increased upto $70 which involves ESPN plus and Disney Plus. 

From the beginning of April, 2022, Hulu’s cloud DVR is going to be unlimited for the TV subscribers and will add the fast-forward feature in commercials for free. Although, you still have to pay $10 more if you wish to stream Hulu content on more than two devices at the same time.

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YouTube TV- Best Premium Service

YouTube TV - Best Premium Service

With the best channel collection, easy to operate interface and excellent cloud DVR, YouTube TV is the best choice. It offers a $20 4k update, but the drawback is there is not much to watch at the moment until you watch the selected channels. Post YouTube TV’s carriage dispute with Disney brought in a one-day blackout of 18 channels. 

A new contract was made to restore access for users. If one doesn’t mind paying a little more than the Sling TVs or desire to stream Live NBA games, YouTube TV provides the best standard of live TV streaming. 

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YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live

YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live
FeaturesYouTube TVHulu Live
Free trialYesYes
Package price$65/month$70/month
Popular channels present7873
Local PBS channelsYes No
Local ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC channelsYesYes
Concurrent Streams per Account3 ($20 for unlimited and 4K)2 ($10 option for unlimited)
User Profiles/ Family MembersYesYes
Cloud DVR StorageUnlimited50 hours
Fast-forwarding commercial feature with cloud DVRYes No

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Channels: YouTube TV Vs Hulu

Channels : YouTube TV Vs Hulu

The factor which differentiates both from each other are the availability of channels. Creating contrast between the two platforms by comparing the total number of top channels available on both of them

YouTube TV comes with 78 top channels out of 100, whereas Hulu Live offers only 75. The list of top channels are created by the best editors at CNET, from which we are comparing YouTube TV and Hulu.

Both YouTube TV and Hulu Live includes popular national channels like Disney, Cartoon Network, Fox News, ESPN, TBS, USA, NFL, USA Network and many more.

There are some channels which are provided by the platforms but for an extra fee, for example HBO, Showtime and Starz. Here Hulu offers a couple of packages, in which one is an add-on to the $8month with 11 channels including CNBC World, Cooking Channel and Science etc. Whereas the other is a Spanish language package with 7 channels for $5.

YouTube doesn’t offer any additional package, however you can add specific channels like CuriosityStream and Shudder for an extra fee.

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YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live: Which One Is Easy To Use? 

YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live : Which One Is Easy To Use?

From interface to menu both differ a lot from each other and from regular cable too. Let’s find out how they are in operation!

YouTube TV

All over the YouTube TV’s interface is simple to understand and easy to use, and not because users are familiar with the regular YouTube, on app or desktop version too it’s very easy to operate as the Google’s streamers provide a structured pattern- doesn’t if it lacks in beauty as compared to Hulu.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu launched a latest version of their interface last year which made the competition tough. It is bright in appearance and easy to use. If it would be only the matter of appearance then Hulu would definitely have taken the position.

The difference between both platforms in terms of simultaneous streaming is not that much. YouTube TV lets you stream on 3 devices at a time, whereas Hulu allows you only for 2. You have the option to pay $10 extra per month to make your simultaneous streaming count unlimited.

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YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live: Which Is Best For You?

YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live : Which Is Best For You?

Both services have almost everything that’s expected from an ideal live TV streaming service. Both YouTube TV and Hulu are better if seen  overall. Now you need to make your choice between YouTube TV and Hulu on the basis of channels, usability, features and the other data that we’ve given above.

To give you some more idea, let us tell you that Hulu allows us to use a vast variety of channels from its highly popular channel library. In the end, it all comes to getting access to our favorite channels, so go for the one which offers you your favorites.

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Pros and Cons- Hulu

Access and availability of all channels includedPrice of add-ons can really add up!
Fast-forwarding commercial featureOnly 2 screens are allowed for simultaneous streaming
Includes access to ESPN+ and Disney+

Pros and Cons- YouTube TV

Great collection of channels including News and SportsMonthly charges increased from $35 to $65
Unlimited cloud DVR storageUnavailability of many regional sports networks
Upto 3 simultaneous streams and 6 user accounts

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Wrapping Up

Both the services are counted among the expensive services. But when you compare a few of the factors which are necessary for streamers, you will know that both the services are pretty good. 

But in our opinion, YouTube TV provides just a bit more than Hulu Live, nothing more.


Q1. Can One Stream Hulu Live At Two Different Places?

Ans. Usually Hulu subscription plans are designed for the use of a single home only but if you wish to use Hulu at a different location you need to sign-up for another Live TV account.

Q2. What Are The Basic Rules Of Hulu?

Ans. Hulu will let you stream on two screens at a time. You can update to unlimited simultaneous streaming for an extra $9.99/month.

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