Apps Like Discord For Android | Amazing Top 10 Discord Alternatives

Apps Like Discord For Android

Are you tired of the same UI and chat bombardment in Discord? Is there a frequent server raid on your discord server? Discord is popular among gamers and professionals because it gives them a platform to do live streaming. It enables gamers, friends, and colleagues to connect on the same platform. Well, in this article we are going to give the best apps like discord for android.

As many discord users were complaining about frequent server raids and chat bombardment on discord. This is not the only issue with discord many users are comfortable with the basic UI of discord. These days gamers are more likely to choose an attractive and eye-catching interface. Well, there are many best apps like discord for android available, let’s talk about this. 

Apps like discord for android are like TeamSpeak with its automatic microphone volume control features, twitch,  troop messenger, and Telegram is the best apps like discord for android. These apps are available on the play store. Moreover, these apps are useful not only for gamers but also for professionals to build a community.

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Apps Like Discord For Android

Are you ready to know about apps like discord for android? Well, here we have listed apps like discord for android. In this list of apps, some apps are for professionals so that they can text chat and make a community on these platforms. There are several apps available on the play store. We are going to discuss these apps and their features. here is the discord alternative for better experience in 2022. 

Well before going to the list of discord alternatives why use an alternative to discord? Well, there are several reasons for this. Some are: 

  • not attractive and professional UI 
  • Chat bombardment
  • Frequent raids on the server
  • And privacy issues

So let’s know about the discord alternatives for a better experience.

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1. Troop Messenger

Apps Like Discord For Android

Troop Messenger is a simple communication application that can connect small, medium, and large teams. Well, on troop messenger users can send and receive messages in real-time. It leads the user to increase productivity and increase time-saving. And it documents all the communications for future reference.  It also allows users to conduct a live conference without bothering all the members. And here is its best feature:

  • Confidentially chat with a team member with a private chat window.
  • Respond later: you can tag a message with respond later so that you can reply later. 
  • Pick multiple members to share a common message.
  • Broadcast a message to a larger audience.
  • Select the selected user from the group to start a conversation.

2. Chanty

Apps Like Discord For Android

Chanty is best for team management because it gives users the option to chat, voice message, and video call with team members. Users can also connect chanty with third-party apps that will make their work easy that includes GitHub, dropbox, google drive, and Mailchimp. The best feature of the chanty app are:

3. Telegram

Apps Like Discord For Android

Telegram is not only a chatting app. It has many features that can replace discord. Well, many people think that telegram is just an alternative to WhatsApp or other chatting apps. Telegram offers to create channels, support the hosting community, and unlimited customization. It also supports video calling in private chats as well as in groups. And the best part of the telegram is that it allows the user to create a bot to manage their groups, bots can automate queries. Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for personal chats that discord doesn’t offer. The best features of the telegram:

  • Instant messaging and voice call
  • Video call and it support group video call
  • Max 2GB upload limit
  • Public and private channels 
  • Manage channels with bots

4. Mumble

Apps Like Discord For Android | Amazing Top 10 Discord Alternatives

The Mumble is open-source software with high-quality voice calls with low latency. It is intended to use while gaming. And does not include browser support so discord users might find it difficult to use. The most important feature of the mumble:

  • Have authenticate feature that prevents random people to drop in the chat
  • Impressive sound quality 
  • Encryption feature for chat

5. Element

Apps Like Discord For Android

Discord users are more concerned about chat encryption as discord does not provide such a facility. So here comes the element if you are more concerned about privacy that element can help you to solve your issue. Element is the best app in the end to end encryption. As the element is built on matrix open communication protocol that’s why it allows you to connect with anyone on the system. The best feature of the element is: 

6. Hangout chat 

Apps Like Discord For Android

Hangout chat is a google app that allows users to have chat or group chats with email users. Its best for team management because with the help of Gmail users can have conversations. As discord has lots of features and can be accessed with any email but for hangout, you need to have a Gmail address. The best feature of the hangout apps is: 

  • Offers voice, and video calls with chat
  • Support in adding and deleting comments
  • Easy to use

7. TeamSpeak

Apps Like Discord For Android

Before discord came to the world gamers were dependent on the teamspeak for in-game communication. As TeamSpeak uses opus codec for low-latency voice calls so it offers high-quality voice calls. And Teamspeak UI looks much more like TeamSpeak. Teamspeak also uses AES encryption for better privacy. The best feature of TeamSpeak is:

  • Best for the gamers 
  • You can create dedicated servers
  • Brand new UI 
  • Offers AES encryption 
  • Chat calls 

8. SteamChat 

Apps Like Discord For Android

SteamChat is a communication app for gamers that can be used as an alternative to discord.

SteamChat looks similar to discord as it has a similar UI like discord which makes it the perfect replacement for discord. And voice and message systems work similarly to discord. Here are the best features of SteamChat: 

9. Slack 

Apps Like Discord For Android

Slack is the best alternative for professional use. Well, Slack offers a clean UI and it is more for business. Slack will help you to improve productivity because it offers integration with more than 800 third-party applications for business purposes. You can chat with other members as well as can create polls. Users can share files up to 1 GB on slack which has made file sharing easy. Here are the best features of Slack:

  • Clean UI 
  • Integrated with more than 800 third-party applications
  • 1GB file upload limit
  • Best for business use

10. Raid Call

Raid Calls is the best alternative for Discord as it supports huge groups and polls. It’s widely used by gamers because of in-game VoIP applications that’s why mostly used by gamers. It offers many features like voice recording, sharing of files, and polls. Here are the best features of the Raid calls: 

  • A single raid call can hold up to 10000 people
  • Users can share youtube videos in raidcall groups
  • Users can discover communities with similar interests
  • Sync your raidcall account with Facebook so that you can invite your Facebook friend to raid call

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These days users are not dependent on a single application. Similarly, users are searching for the best alternative for discord in 2022. So we have provided you with the amazing top 10 alternatives for discord. We have discussed apps like discord for android in this article. So we will wrap up this article here. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Are The Self-hosted Discord Alternatives? 

There are many self-hosted alternatives discord alternatives available. But here are some good self-hosted discord alternatives team speak, mumble, slack, troop messenger, etc. these apps are self-hosted discord alternatives.

Q. Is There Any Other App Like Discord?

Yes, there are other apps like discord which are troop messenger, slack, TeamSpeak, mumble, etc.

Q. Is There A Discord App For Android?

Yes, there is a discord app for android which is available on the play store. You can download it for free.

Q. Is There A Mobile Version Of Discord?

Yes, there is a mobile version of discord. The android user can download it from the play store and the iPhone user can also download it from the app store. 

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