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how to add watermark on videos

If you are tense in regards to your social media content being stolen by someone and get claimed as someone else’s! Then stop worrying unnecessarily. However, this happens a lot with those who are not careful with their videos and pictures online. But we won’t let anyone rob your content. No no, we won’t stop them from doing so, you will. By learning how to add watermark on videos.

By learning how to add watermark on videos, you can save your videos from getting ripped off and letting anyone else claim it as their own. After All by stealing your videos they will be snatching away not only your views and followers but also your revenue generated through it. And not only can you prevent your videos from getting stolen, but you can also generate a little more revenue and promote your brand through this. You can achieve all of this just by learning how to add watermark on videos.

Today we are going to learn how to add watermark on videos through different applications like VEED’s, Flixier and VSDC apps which are designed for the same purpose. 

Come let’s explore the diversity of these applications along with pros and cons of learning how to add watermark on videos.

How To Add Watermark On Videos?

How To Add Watermark On Videos

If you are someone who needs to protect any of your random but previous videos from getting stolen or copied online? Or want to promote your brand through the medium of your videos then video watermarks are the only solution through which one can increase their brand awareness by learning how to add watermark on videos.

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Watermarks are texts, images or logos that appear at any corner or at a specific place in the video. These are present all over the visual part by sitting in the corner of the frame by frame most of the time.

If it matches with your field of interest then keep reading this article on how to add watermark on videos. Here we are going to teach you how to add watermark on videos accessing free tools available for the same on the internet. With the help of this guide you will hardly take a couple of minutes to add a logo into your video or maybe even less. And the good part of it here is that removing watermarks from a video won’t be easy for others like they used to do in pictures earlier for unauthentic purposes because of being entirely embedded into every frame of your video.

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In reality, a watermark is an additional object that is given a particular place throughout the entire video. In other words, it’s an extra layer of protection to your content and video with help of a text, image or a logo located at any one place in all over the video. Let’s start with how to add watermark on videos with different tools available online for free.


How To Add Watermark On Videos

Adding a watermark to your video content is the best decision you will ever make in order to protect and promote your brand and content at the same time. Flixier allows its users to add their own personalized watermarks to their videos in just a short time. The Flixier system lets you place your watermark with sharpness and evenly to avoid any misplace issues.

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Here’s how to add watermark on videos with the help of the Flixier: 

Upload > Add Watermark > Make Adjustments > Download > Share

Step 01: Upload 

How To Add Watermark On Videos

Prior to adding watermark into your videos, one needs to select a video from their device and upload it on the site for further online processing. One can do this by dragging and dropping the file from Google Drive.

Step 02: Add Your Watermark

How To Add Watermark On Videos

After uploading the video on the site, next comes adding the watermark. One can achieve this by dragging their watermark on the top of the uploaded video and canvas. Next the user has to adjust and place the watermark evenly and make modifications like altering opacity, making it grayscale etc. If one needs it to be on screen for all time they are supposed to drag on the edges till the end of the timeline.

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Step 03: Download The Video

How To Add Watermark On Videos

After making the desirable adjustments, one is supposed to click on the Export button to download the video as a result in their Gallery and can also share on seven different applications further if they wish.


How To Add Watermark On Videos

One can access VEED’s easily for editing their videos through its software in order to learn how to add watermark on videos.  The special factor is that one doesn’t need to download any application to get their video processed through VEED’s. The process on VEED’s is a straightforward one, one just needs to upload, edit and export the video from their official website for basic features. But if you are interested in their subscription package and premium features then you can buy their subscription too which has its own perks. 

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Here is how one can get their video processed through VEED’s official website:

Add Video > Add Watermark > Export

Step 01: Add Your Video

How To Add Watermark On Videos

To get started with VEED’s one needs to upload the desired video on their website first by selecting the media file from the folders or can drag and drop it into the box too.

Step 02: Add Watermark

How To Add Watermark On Videos

After uploading a video one can bring up their watermark and upload it on the site and place it in the desired position, select the duration of fading in and out and make adjustments in appearance.

Step 03: Export

How To Add Watermark On Videos

Once, you video suits with the watermark at its place and you observe the changes made are pretty fine you are ready to download it with the watermark on! You just need to click on the “Export” button to download your video to your device.


How To Add Watermark On Videos

To learn how to add watermark on videos on VSDC, one needs to download the application into their device as this one comes with a wholesome application form and cannot function on a website. So after downloading the application one can follow the given instructions to how to add watermark on videos: 

Step 01: Place Video On The Timeline. To initiate with VSDC, one is supposed to add video to the timeline first and add a text to their video. To do this, you will get the option at the left hand of the menu with a “T” icon.

Step 02: After the T section a new pop up will appear saying “Object’s Position Settings”. You need to select the “Whole Parent Duration” from the first section.

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Step 03: Put the arrow on the area to build a place for the watermark. One can move and adjust the cursor any time if they misplace it.

Step 04: Enter the text into the required field. Find a text editing menu at the top of the interface and use it to modify your watermark.

Step 05: Adjust and play with the Settings Modification Font, Sizes, Thickness and other factors of the text. One can also download and make use of the desirable font from Google Chrome if it’s not present in the application and make the VSDC application pick it up for you.

Step 06: At last make decisions how thick borders you want of your text and make adjustments according to it, once your standards meet, download the video using the Export button.

Now that you have successfully learnt how to add watermark on videos through different apps and websites, go ahead and discover our other tutorials related to the same.

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Wrapping Up

A watermark is a professional image, text or a logo of any brand that is placed throughout the entire video having a fixed position in the video frame that can either be in the center or at the borders or base. It can either be fully visible with its bright colors on or can be opaque in nature in order to not distract viewers from the video. Watermarks are technically a brand logo but can be texts and images too.

This article focuses on how to add watermark on videos through best working methods, apps and websites from where you can download and share your videos after editing it and adding your watermark into it. One usually does this so that no one can steal their content and claim it. However one cannot entirely avoid getting their content stolen but can prevent it at least by adding a watermark as a proof of their ownership and authenticity of their content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Make A Watermark On A Video?

YouTube Studio > Customization > Branding > Video Watermark > Upload > Select Image > Upload > Display Time > Save.

Q. How Do I Create A Watermark?

Design Tab > Select Watermark > Insert Watermark Dialog > Select Text > Customize > OK. 

Q. How Do You Add A Watermark On A Video For Free?

Download the VSDC app and: Add your video > Add your Watermark > Export. 

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