Can You Make Reels On Rossgram? Is It Possible?

Soon after TikTok was banned by various countries, Instagram took the chance and introduced the sensational feature of reels on its platform. But this time, Russia has banned Instagram. Well, the news does not end up here. In fact, It is coming up with Rossgram which is an exact replica of Instagram. From sharing posts to communicating with your friends, Rossgram is believed to master each section. It is clear that you can share posts and communicate with your friends there, but, now the question that arises is can you make reels on Rossgram?

Wait! do you know why Russia banned Instagram? Why Russia doesn’t want its citizens to use such a popular social media platform? Sadly, the answer is Instagram itself. Yes, that’s shocking but its the truth. You must be aware of the fact that Instagram allows its users to share their ideas in the form of pictures and videos but within a strict limit without harming its guidelines.

However, this time Instagram is having a blindfold for those who are sharing pictures and videos of the war and the devastation that happened because of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. When one of the users shared such pictures, Instagram was supposed to suspend that account and restrict it. However, its contract happened and this made Russia go for banning the platform. But, the good news is that the expected app is almost similar to its competitor. Yes, everything is the same here. The feature, outlook, and methods to use.

Isn’t it cool? However, seeing the popularity and craze of the reels among Instagram users, the biggest question evolving is can you make reels on Rossgram? To know that answer, let’s dive deep into the post.

Can You Make Reels On Rossgram?

Can You Make Reels On Rossgram?

So, what do you think?

Will Rossgram be able to inculcate the Reels feature as the other features?

Oops! You must know that the app is yet to release on 28th March for the investors, top influences, and sponsors only, and then it will be available to the general public in April.

So, What to expect?

Well, Rossgram is believed to be the exact copy of its competition platform i.e Instagram. Everything is the same. In short, if Truth social is the clone of Twitter, then you can say that Rossgram is the Clone of Instagram and there is nothing wrong in saying that.

It is developed by Russian High Tech entrepreneurs who wanted its users to not go for Instagram and that is why came up with Rossgram having features:

  1. Same home page
  2. Searching and exploring
  3. Upload
  4. Activity
  5. Profile
  6. Story
  7. Add caption
  8. Tag people
  9. Add location

So, if it has so much in common between the two platforms, we can expect the Reels feature on Rossgram. Now, can you make Reels on Rossgram is not sure. However, if you can, then here is a guide on how to make reels on Rossgram

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How To Make Reels On Rossgram?

Making Reels on Rossgram is not a Rocket Science.

Obviously, it’s not!

Instead, the app will allow its users to create short video clips of varying lengths just like Instagram. You can add filters, emojis, texts, traditions, and a lot more to make it more engaging and appealing.

Here is how to make Reels on Rossgram:

  1. Open the Rossgram app on your device and swipe to the right of the home page.
  2. This will lead to Rossgram’s camera with various option at the bottom. Among them, tap on the Reel option. This will lead to to the page where you can make reels.
  3. Now, look for the camera wheel at the bottom in the center. You need to hold it till you want.
  4. But, before, you need to select other aspects like music, time, filter (if interested). To do this, look for the reel setting at the left side of your screen.
  5. Click on the audio to select the song. You can start the song from your favourite part by draging the timeline.
  6. Now, hold on the camera wheel amd get started.
  7. If you wish to add filter or text, you can add them later on as well by the edit options available at the top.
  8. If satisfied with the results, click on the “Next“.
  9. Now, You can save the reel to the reel or can directly post it.

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What if you have made a short clip and want to share it as a reel? In such a case, the process becomes much easier. Here is how to make a reel on Rossgram from a pre-recorded video:

  1. Open the Rossgram app on your device and swipe to the right of the home page.
  2. You will see a lot of options at the bottom of the screen. Choose Reels among them.
  3. Now, You will see a small snap section at the extreme left cornor with a plus sign over it. Click on it. This will lead you to the photos/ gallery.
  4. Look for the video that you want to add and then choose the video by tapping on add (at the top right corner).
  5. Do the required editing by selecting the song, filters, text (whatever you want to) available on the left side of the screen.
  6. Now, Click on next.

That’s it you have successfully uploaded the reel! Voila!

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Wrap Up:

That’s all for can you make Reels on Rossgram?

Well, there is still a high probability that there must be the reel feature. However, this is not completely sure. All we could do is wait for its launch and then look forward to the answer.

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